Moviejack: wrong SVCD size and sliding bar

Each time I rip from DVD to SVCD and I select as output “two 650MB CD”, I get 2 files: the first one always is about 750 MB.
Therefore I have to join the two files, cut them into 2 parts and record onto 2 700MB CD (but by doing this, the sliding bar of the viewer does not work anymore).
How can I get the right size?
How can I make the sliding bar working again?
Thanks everyone who helps me!

VCD and SVCD use a different recording mode than the common data mode. This mode allows to store more data (with the downside of reduced error correction), that’s why you can fit these large files on common CDs. You don’t have to join and split them (and you obviously do it wrong somehow)…

How can I record the 2 large .mpeg files into 2 CD-ROM?
Excuse me, but I am a beginner …

Uhm, just use the record function which MovieJack provides…