MovieJack problems

I just downloaded the English version of Moviejack to test out and it seems not to work. If I have a DVD in the drive, MovieJack’s Ripper won’t start up, OR it will come up w/ the splash screen and reboot and then XP would say it just recovered from a serious error. Then if I put the DVD into my Artec 16x DVD-Rom after I open up MovieJack’s Ripper then pop in the DVD and go to the source for copying and select it, poof, it’ll reboot… please someone help me… I really want to test out this new software :bow:

here’s the site,but I can’t speak or read German,but since this is a
international forum,can someone please translate:
BTW,where is the english site…Thanks

I know what it is… you can find it in english from

but the site is just about the features … I want a fix :slight_smile: