MovieJack no longer allowed to remove copy protection of DVDs

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Conductor used our news submit to tell us that that German IFPI (which represents the German entertainment industry) has booked a success against S.A.D. the company that distributes…

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Copy protection…hmmmm, what’s a copy protection? I’m sure anyone who uses DVD Decrypter doesn’t know what copy protections are… :d

OT: Anyone knows something like AnyDVD, only freeware?

Not being german ther maybe some mistakes, but I thing I outclass Babelfish: Regional Court Munich confirms temporary restraining order '“ 'Exit" for crack-tool from S.A.D. 'Everybody is subject to the new copyright laws, including software companies" explains Gerd Gebhard, chairman of the german equivalent of the RIAA, 'Those who hope to achieve immunity through legal manouvring will learn otherwise." As of September the new copyright laws are in effect. It supports artists and producers inn protecting their products from uncontrolled copying. In particular producing and selling software to circumvent copy protection is outlawed. Some makers of so-called crack-tools wouldn’t let it go at that. An Ulm based producer of burning-software to 'clone" DVD’s ('MovieJack") , S.A.D. ltd offered a patch to circumvent the copy protection. It based its action on a legal opinion written on it’s request. The opinion stated that their actions are legal and was use as a 'carte blanche" to sell their product. They didn’t have to wait long for a reaction from the effected music industry. Represented by the lawyers of 'Kanzlei Waldorf" of Munich they obtained from the court a restraining order ending the illegal spread of the software. Gerd Gebhart:“The decission shows the copyright laws are clear. We will not accept software that circumvents copy protection and will protect or interests, no matter who we’re up against. That includes software companies that want to benefit from the work of artists and producers.”
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remember folks, DVD Decryptor is your friend.:d

Now if I can just learn how to spell in English :c I definately misspelled more words than Babelfish :wink:

Doesnt DVDShrink remove the protection also?

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