"Moviejack can't copy copyrighted dvd"

I keep getting this message when i try to copy or rip.
What should i do?

Music industry lobbyism made germany pass new copyright laws which force us not to copy anything which is copyprotected (i.e. most movie DVDs). I’m sorry, that’s the law. And I’m not allowed to tell you how to bypass this as this might be considered as abetment which would lead to some numb company sueing me…
So you’ll have to search for yourself.

You couldn’t give me a clue???

easy use DVD2SVCD and no probs,


Use Sly Fox Any DVD.

Information is power!

What is the point of selling it. If it is locked out I am sure that if I wanted to pirate dvd’s I would not pay for software to do it. So give us a clue how get it working or at least point me in the right direction.

Look at http://www.jackxxl.com/

Just found this page in an other forum…


Thanks for the info I will try it :slight_smile: