Moviejack 3.9.304 problems

I noticed some problems about “svcd” target format, so I performed some tests.
Maybe I performed something wrong; please check them:

Aspect Ratio 4:3
Target Format:
- vcd ok (little vertically stretched)
- xvcd ok (little vertically stretched)
it plays in a discontinuos way
- svcd vertically stretched
- xsvcd ok (little vertically stretched)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Target Format:
- vcd ok
- xvcd ok
it plays in a discontinuos way
- svcd vertically stretched
- xsvcd ok

Target Format: avi
I tried to rip with divx; an error occurs.

cd size
I selected 650 MB cd size by 2 media
it creates exactly 2 .mpg:
1) 732 MB (768.000.000)
2) 630 MB (661.000.000)
… neither the total is correct…

I received this error:
“you are not allowed to copy copyprotected DVDs”
so I also installed moviejack on my laptop PC: in this
case it runs properly…

By the way:
I evaluated vers. 3.9.301 and I don’t remember these problems.


Moviejack can’t copy the copy protected DVD’s due to the changes in law. I also try to use other software insted of moviejack and I found two software that can do sucessfull copy of such DVDs.

1 - DVD2SVCD it is free but not easy to use more complicated.
2 - DVDProEx it is not free but it has no burning function in it. I wrote to the company and they reply me that on 1 of Octuber they are going to release DVDPro2 with full support of burning and complete new interface. So keep eye on ther website

during that you can use DVDPRoEx.


thx spy1!
about moviejack, have you ever noticed the other problems I reported?

Yeah the aspect ratio of the video file is little bit strach vertical also it some time don’t split the last CD at corect size even the first CD size is not actual 630MB if you split at 650 MB I don’t know why. But I had no problem with DivX I think you have old version of DivX codec installed. try to reinstall your codec. Did you try to do with ripp and burn function what happen then if you have 650 MB CD-R in your writer ? it maybe crupt your CD-rs?