MovieFactory - Hdtv ---> Dvd

I am trying to come up with the best and most streamlined way to transfer some of my HDTV recorded content (from MyHD on my HTPC) to DVD-R. My DVD authoring software is ULead MovieFactory 4 Disc Creator, which requires MPEG file input, so I want to find the best application to do the transport-to-MPEG2 conversion, allowing me to cut commercials, etc.

So far, I have tried HDTVtoMPEG2, and audio/video are slightly out of sync at first, then go wildly out of sync after the 1st commercial cut. I am currently trying out VideoReDo (churning away as we speak), which many on the ULead forums recommend. Does anyone have any comments to offer on this product?

It seems the other options I have uncovered at involve using a plethora of freeware applications (AVISynth, VirtualDubMod, DVDRipper,…) and accompanying configurations–way more pain :o than I think a human should have to endure. :rolleyes: Any other options/products that make the process as painless as possible?

Here’s an update on my travails: