Movie won't load to ipod



I used DVDFab 5 Platinum version to convert a movie to ipod format. I did that by selecting iPod under DVD to Mobile. In the Task List, I removed the “generic” Device (since it is a .audiocop extension). I then selected the “ipod” Device. It made a .mpeg4 file that I dragged to my itunes program. But I get a message saying this file will not play on an ipod. I have done this before and it worked but now it doesn’t (but it has been a long time and maybe I made a mistake). Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong (like maybe I shouldn’t remove the .audiocop file)?


Depending on the profile you used, the codec used to make it may have had a problem in v5.0.3.0. Download the latest version ( and try again.


I just checked their web site and is the latest one. Is available from someplace else?


Look for the release announcement thread here in the forum, should be near the top. The first post in the thread has a download link. is a beta release but it has a fix for the H.264 codec problem. You can also check here: to see if there is a current beta release. Fengtao usually puts them on the download page of the website, but it’s not there. You can always find them here in the forum.