Movie (True Grit) Force Closes NextTech Upon loading From Hard Disk

As I tried backing the movie up to the hard disk I kept getting the force close message asking if I want to send a report to Dvd Next Copy. I put the dvd in another drive and tried the same thing and it was successful. So then I tried backing it up from the hard disk to a drive and as soon as I load True Grit from the hard disk the program crashes with the same message. Ive even tried just copying main movie and updating the dvd myself with same result.

Im using V4.4.2.6 with mechanist as third party

So it’s on the hard drive right now? If so there is no need to run NTU (neXt Tech Updater). Have you tried to use the original Disc and NTU to make a working database for this title then back it up?

Yes I have tried to make an update with the dvd disc i’ll try it again to be sure I did it right

You might try using the LibDVDCSS.dll instead of the machinist -

Directions on how to do it is also in the post.