Movie trouble




Was a bit confused to see a film pixelate in a certain part where it didnt happen on this part before on that excact same rip.

I ages got ‘In The Line Of Fire’ its a movie.

Put it on DVD but now the DVD comes up with errors in surface scan.

So i downloaded the same one again same size it all seemed same.

I did an MD5 comparison though and the MD5 sums were different does this mean it’s a different rip??

I got one of the copies from DC++ and the other from E-mule.

The one from E-mule is one i recently got like the other week and watched it to check to see if played the same as the other i downloaded from DC++ well it didn’t, im pretty sure it was the same file though it was same screen resultion, same time running and same settings in gspot and everything only a different MD5 sum.

Anyway watching it thru it pixelated all blocky on one bit and on the old copy it didnt do this.

Why did it do this?

I tremember defragging whilst it was downloading and it was defragging that file as it was downloading.
Also the person the other end might have a bad copy.
Or a different file??
Bad sectors maybe??

Can ne1 else tell me any more reasons to why this would have happened…

Would a defrag sort it??

But one thing i have noticed, with all my divx error checking tools it will nhot log ANY errors in the movie…

this has baffled me.

Also if sounds out of sync on films can it be repaired, what can make sound out of sync on fiulms too? and whatever can make soind out of sync on films can it be repaired maybe say if it ws bad sectors i know they can be fixed but would it then fix the sound out of sync…what i really wanna know is what causes sound to be out of sync on movies?


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