Movie Torrents w/Speeded Up FPS?

Pardon if this is a really dumb question - I was reading the comments for one of the “The Dark Knight” hi-def torrents on Pirate Bay and there is this exchange:

[B]Q: Anyone know where I can download dvdrip with correct runtime, not the slightly fast forwarded one?

A: As far as I know the below torrent is the only DVDRip which plays at 23.976 and not the AVI rips from the DVD-R source at 25.000 fps…[/B]

So this version is actually playing at faster than normal speed? Is this common practice? Is it at all noticable?


Yes, you can ask somewhere else, because we will not help you with downloading copyrighted material!

Take your indignation and shove it up your ass, you hypocrite. This entire site is about stealing copyrighted material.

RCM is right, noone will help you here since your topic is about downloading copyrighted material.

His answer is no reason for you to offend him.

Consider yourself warned and read our FORUM RULES before posting next time.

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