Movie too long to burn issue?



I recorded footage from a VHS tape which is 135 minutes long, the max on my blanks are 120 minutes, what’s the best thing to do in this case? Try to use a shrinking software to make it fit or split it into 2 parts and burn on 2 DVD’s? While we’re on the topic, if I were to record say 200 minutes of fottage and then have to burn this on 2 DVD’s, how do I best split this up?


It depends on what you want to do with this data and at what quality.

You could even burn an 240min long video onto a DVD5 - it requires a lower res and bitrate then, of course.


I don’t want to tamper with the quality, just to find the best ways/tips to split up the file into 2 to fit on 2 DVD’s.


How would you use the shrinking software for a VHS?


I capture the VHS footage as DVD files on my pc before burning.


I was just thinking that maybe I should simply get some discs that have more capacity? What other discs are there that have larger capacities than the regular 4.7 gb ?


Try shrinking the files with DVDshrink and look at the quality, if the results are acceptable, then problem solved.


I will try that option if I don’t have any other choices but what about the issue of getting larger discs, won’t this work?


If it’s from VHS then the quality is way below DVD standards therefore compressing to fit will not be a problem.
With a DVD movie of 135mins the quality after compressing to fit on a DVD5 is still above VHS quality.

The only other DVDs you can get are Dual Layer @ 8.5GB. A total waste of money for transferring a movie from VHS IMO.


Of course there are always Dual Layer (DL) discs that hole 8.5G. The only one I would recommend is Verbatim, but they are more expensive, $2 per disc for a 10 pk if you can find a sale. However, like the man said, try shrink first, you probably won’t be able to notice a difference on a 135 min. disc. Rip to your HD, shrink and burn.


ok, I see what you guys mean now, well explained, thanks, from searching the net I also came across DVD 9, good to know that I have these options so if according to the size of a file that may just be too large for the shrink to work, then I can always use the dual layers.


In what format was your video captured to your hd , if it’s mpeg2 or avi , you won’t be able to use Shrink as it will not recognize the files tmk … if someone knows how please let me know how to do it … :confused:
I know you can use nero vision but then you got to lower res or bitrate as Chef previously mentioned …


My videos are captured in DVD format, if this can’t work with shrink which I will look into tomorow then I will not be doing any conversions of any sort, I will simply get the DVD 9 blanks becuase I olny have a few videos which will require this.