Movie too big to fit on DVD-R -- solutions?

I’m using the copy of Nero StartSmart that came with my Gateway laptop, along with a CD-DVD burner drive.

I’ve been able to rip and burn music CDs and DVD movies successfully with the Nero as long as they were not copy protected. I am not trying to defeat copy protection.

I was trying to copy a particular DVD movie the other night and it was a bit too large for the DVD-R blank disc I am using – Nero told me after the rip process.

There are DVD+R dual layer discs which are almost double capacity. But when I contacted SONY about using these on my living room DVD player, they told me to use DVD-R dual layer media.

I’ve not seen any of the DVD-R dual layer discs for sale anywhere.

So here are my questions:

How do I burn a DVD movie onto my hard drive for listening/watching, and for later burning onto DVD media? Does Nero support this? I cannot figure out how to do it.

Has anyone used DVD+R dual layer on a home DVD player (mine is a Sony DVP-NS325)?

Is there a way to edit a movie saved to your hard drive so you can delete or edit some of the extra features you may not want? I thought this would reduce the size of the data and allow me to burn on a DVD-R disc.

Any thoughts on my questions?

Thanks . . .

DVD Shrink

Hi Thirties, and welcome to the forum…

I’m afraid this is nonsense from the Sony source. Although you can buy them, it’s very early days yet for DVD -R DL and the best compatibility is given by DVD +R DL (with the booktype set to DVD-ROM).

As scoobiedoobie suggests, you can use DVD Shrink to select out superfluous audio and video components of the film (such as extras, commentary etc) and reduce the overall filesize.

This hasent been mentioned yet, but if you have bought and do own the movie you are trying to back up it is a perfectly legal act to override the copyright protection schemes as long as it is within the boundaries of the fair use laws. In order to do this you can use dvd decrypter or you can use anydvd. both are used to override the dvd copy protection of the dvd and to rip the dvd to the hard drive. Then you can use dvd shrink (as already been mentioned).

Incorrect cw, in the UK it is illegal to circumvent any copy protection encryption, it is also illegal to make back ups. Fair use can not be used for such an arguement.

OOOHHHH, Is this only in the UK? Or in the US too???

in the US it is legal to make backups of anything you own, but it is illegal to circumvent copy protection to do so.

Gotcha, Thank you. I retract my previous ignorant statement. :o

Also I believe, though I can’t state it as fact, the EUCD also makes it illegal to circumvent copy protections so it would make it illegal in any country in the EU. Someone who has studied indepth would have to answer that one.

Folks, thanks for all the info and help. I was able to save it on my h’drive just fine.

Much obliged.