Movie Too Big For DVD

Using CloneDVD to back up a movie DVD, apparently the program reduced the quality so much to make it fit that it was so poor it had to be discarded.

It appears the DVD file size is about 7GB+.

Is there a way to span the movie across 2 DVDs, splitting it at a particular point?

Yes. Use the scissor icon located near the bottom of the screen when you first import the movie.

What movie are you trying to back-up?

And are you trying to do movie only, or the entire DVD. I have found if I toss the previews and any other garbage that is on the DVD, I can get the burn down to a acceptable level.


What is the media size your burning to? And what version of clonedvd are you using? And did you make sure when you choose the compression format did you pick DVD+9 or DVD+5? Also as mentioned by other users what is the movie dvd? We do need more info to give assistance on the problem.

Hi, People!

The DVD is Wet Wonders. Using the latest version of CloneDVD, I used the scissors icon as webslinger suggested. It took a few DVD burns to figure it out, but ended up finally w/ 2 high quality 1.5 hour DVDs each on 4.7GB Sony DVD-R media. I removed the fed warning, some ads & a narrative intro.

I did use the ‘Preserve Menus’ option, but it did not work. Are some chapters tied to others to work on certain media?

A special thanks to Webslinger - you’ve proffered too easy bailouts now that were superior - thanks!