Movie To Big To Fit On A Blank DVD/R/RW

Hey guys,

i dont know if anyone else has encountered this problem,i will do full movie with dvd2one v 1.1.3 i leave the settings at 4472 defualt,but some movies come in at 4.41gb or there abouts.even when dropping the size settings and trying again it still comes in at the same over seems as tho it will only transcode to the first size setting you first use after installing the software,most are ok and come in at 4.36 or 7 but some are a real pain and i have to use pinnacle to do them.ANYBODY GOT THE SAME PROBLEM OR KNOW WHATS WRONG?


Set the output size to 4444mb and the problem will go away.

CHEERS PHIL …i`ll give it a try;)

I have also noticed that some movies are too big. If windows tells you the VIDEO_TS folder is larger than 4.37GB you are out of luck. I even went over as much as 2MB on a couple movies and Nero still will not allow you to burn it. Painful. Oh well. I just play with the numbers until I get it close. For the movies that need the least amount of compression I have to play with it. It is definitely better than Pinnacle’s approximation of the movie size. I’m sure it has to do with the software “thinking” it can compress a VOB smaller than it really can.

As far as I know the problem only exists in Full Disk Copy mode, and not (or almost never) in Movie-Only mode. The reason is the menu vobs: DVD2one tries to predict the amount of video data in the stream. This works very well for ‘normal’ movie streams, but not for menu streams with static pictures and sound. The only solution is to pre-scan the menu vobs. Or maybe DVD Decrypter can make some statistics files …