Movie to big for dvd shrink

I am trying to back up a movie silent hill with dvd decrypter and useing dvd shrink the decrypter works fine but when i try to use the shrink it said the file is to big for my dvd-r i have the 4.7gb dvd-r now the movie is 125mins long i can only fit 4464 on the disk and is said it is 6477 how can i burn this to a 4.7 or do i need a dl disk witch would be fine but i dont know if it will work in other dvd players but if this move is so big is it not a dl disk anyway

Do you have DVD Shrink set to process the files as DVD-9 or DVD-5 :confused:

Unless you meant DVDFab HD Decrypter you are asking the question in the wrong place. See if the decrypted files will play on your PC.