Movie titles label templates



Ok, I guess my last post wasn’t specific enough to get my point accross.
What I’m looking for is some website that stores the templates (i.e. the titles, pictures, etc) of any particular DVD disk label. For example, say I have the backed up copy of “Tear of the Sun”, I would be looking for a picture that is in the shape of a disk, with the title and a picture of Bruce Willis on it. I would then take this and print it onto adhesive paper that would later be pasted onto the actual disk that corosponds to the movie.
So, If anyone knows of a website that archives these title templates, please let me know. I have Googled many times to find this but nothing has shown up so far. Again, I’m not looking for the actual labels, I have these. What I need is the graphic to go on top of the labels so that I can easily identify which movie I’m watching and so that it looks nice at the same time.

  1. don’t use adhesive labels on your discs (do a search and find out why).

  2. if you choose to neglect this advice, buy a scanner and do it yourself (assuming you have the originals of the backups…ahem ahem).


You mean like this ?