Movie titles & Ipod

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My daughter has a 60GB ipod (no longer sold I hear) and used DVDFabPlatinum (at my suggestion) to transfer a couple of dvd movies to her ipod. DVDFab Platinm worked well but there sems to be a problem for her- all of the titles are not the name of the movie & so far she has yet to find a way to (permanently) change to the movie name on the ipod. Even ipod for Dummies doesn’t address this so any ideas would be great. I think she even tried changing the name prior to uploading on a few with the same results and she finds that the correct name is easier to locate & know what the movie is.
Thanks again :confused:

there is no mp4a tag editor there under this link.

I had similar problem and used iriveter to encode videos again.

Can you do it in iTunes by right clicking on the movie and choosing “Get Info”?