Movie: The Wave

This is an impressive movie about a teacher who performs a psychology experiments with the class. If I recall correctly the experiment’s purpose was to show the students how it was possible that the Nazi party had so many followers and how peer pressure made them abuse what someone considered the lesser beings.

From a friend I understand that this movie is only available for schools. She (as well as I) would like to see this movie again. Does anyone know where I can find this movie, preferably on DVD rather than VCR?

Many thanks for any help in this respect!

if you have the right extension in firefox then look Here and Here

Found links in YouTube somewhere, but the videos were removed for copyright infringement…so I could not check if they were correct…
Watching the video now.

Now I can look for a way to save YouTube videos…seen some topics on that somewhere in the forum, so that should be ok.

Edit: works like a charm to convert YouTube videos

Again, thanks!

Thanks for the convert site :clap: I have it bookmarked :slight_smile:

I watched the movie and didn’t like it most till it finished with a happy ending. Well happy to me :bigsmile:

It is a movie mostly used in school for educational purposes…so there is a lesson to be learned from it…it is not a movie for a Saturday night with your girlfriend :wink:

lol now that i watched it it makes more sense to me watching it twice :iagree:

Hey Tax i converted it and loaded both files to WinAVI burned it with WinAVI and it came out nice for the quality i had to work with but the voices are in sync on the disc but not on the file or on Youtube :clap: just something i had to try :rolleyes: Very entertaining movie :bigsmile: It’s just like peer pressure for drinking or smoking or drugs etc…They have their little click.