Movie that breaks up or freezes in some sections


I’m not sure where to go to ask this question. I’ll try here and see if someone can help me. I have this movie that breaks up or freezes in some sections. I’m not sure how to word it but the picture breaks up like a puzzle. Is there a program that will help correct the problem so I can redo the movie on another disc? Can anyone help me?


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That picture behaviour sounds typical of poor discs. What brand are you using?

Unless you are burning a PAL to NTSC or visa versa you need to try using better discs. Taiyo Yuden brand or Verbatim brand.

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Is it an original or backup?

If it’s a backup, What type of media and at what speed did you back this up at?

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Hi and thank you for the welcome,

I’m not sure what kind of disc. It has a lable on it and I can’t get it off. My brother got it for me and he got it from a friend.

considering the dubious background of where the disk came from “brother’s friend” and the fact that is has a label (god i hope not a stick-on label) it’s probably just a poorly burned disc (is your brother’s friend technical at all with these things?) or yet another that was damaged by the damn sticker-labels…and the fact that there’s a label on it leads me to believe that the brother’s friend is NOT very good with dvd burning because if he was he wouldn’t put a label on a disc.

you can try to copy it to your computer to save it, but I highly doubt you’ll get very far if the above is true.

A backup copy, Chances are that media in question is either defective or not of high quality and possibly it was burn’t to the disk at to high of a speed.

The label that you speak of is it securely fix on the disk?

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Yes the label seems to be on securely. If I try to take it off could that help?

No, I think this is a case of media brand and the speed at which it was burnt.

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So there is nothing I can do with this copy.

You could try and make another copy of the disk on to your computer. Check the new image with a program like Video Lan Player and see if the problems are gone. Otherwise there is not much you can do

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Thanks for the suggestion. Where do I find Video Lan Player? Is it a free program?

Yes, and it plays just about anything you throw at it. You can find the link in my sig.

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