Movie studios won't be Napster-ized

I just posted the article Movie studios won’t be Napster-ized.

Personally, I’m not much into movies, and besides that, I don’t have a fast enough connection to share them. But I do know that there a lot of DivX :wink: traders out there.

The movie industry also…

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Hard to figure out how to be polite with this so-to-speak-news? DVD-rips are usable everywhere, while any DL’s from big distributors are limited to one’s cpu (in my case, to extremely equipped 20kg towercase w/ 19" CRT). I don’t drag 45kg’s of HW around, just to please someone in California! So maybe I can’t see their point in this case… Good movies will always sell, regardless of piracy. So they can freely try to protect 90% of Hollywood-productions;) I will still buy GOOD movies as DVD’s, but I’ll always watch those before in mpg/DivX-format. Well-made 700mb DVDrip almost always beats quality of my VHS, and 2*cd DVDrip easily surpasses it. Companies should PROVIDE us things/services, so we could possibly pay about those. If they try to rob us, believing that we don’t remember… Well, I’ve never forgotten such a treatment in a local shop.

“a feature-length movie can easily take four hours to download, often more.” They try to make it sound as if you can’t use your computer during the time you download a movie! Just stick it on to D/L and play a game, read CDFreaks, burn somethin… It doesn’t matter what you do but the point is, you D/L in the background and your computer is still usable! Or just leave it on overnight to download a couple of movies! You don’t have to be there while it downloads…

all we need is some way to compress the movies… 100x more than mpg. now that’s pretty simple isn’t it? (sarcasm!!) so you think it’s impossible right? people use to think the world was flat. thought the atom was the smallest thing in the universe. used to keep 120mb wav files on there hdds right? 1hour of vid into 10mb 320x200 16bpp?

I trade my movies by post :slight_smile: Get a special CD envelope, stuff 3 cd’s in a single jewel case, and send it from Holland to the US for 6 guilders by airmail. (About $2.50) It cannot be easier :slight_smile: