Movie skips

I have a question, I have done several back ups lately and they all skip at one point in the movie, some for just a second others for a few seconds, I thought it was my DVD player so I bought a new one, turns out thats not it, BUT heres the funny part my son has the same DVD player and ALL the movies play just fine on his, so I ask could it be my av cables, I use the red, white and the s-video, I did not post a log because thay all play fine on his this just happens on mine, I have a NEC 3550A and a BenQ DW1655 for copying, 1 click and AnyDVD, and I use Sony DVD+R, thanks.

That’s strange! I don’t think it has to do with the cables, i guess it’s a media/player problem. Maybe your player was buggy. Does the new player reads the backups now fine?

i had the same problem with my JVC DVD/VCR combo model #HR-XVC25U. i use Verbatim 16x DVD+R MCC 004. the movies would start skipping about half way through the movie, but played in my playstation 2 just fine. so i cleaned the lens of my dvd player with one of the cleaner disk and no problems since. so maybe my need to clean the lens. :doh:

I doubt your A/V leads have much to do with the issue .

Have you made sure your firmware is up to date on both drives ?
Are you using one to read and one to write ?
Try using the same drive as “source” and “destination” to note any difference in result .
Try the other drive , doing the same .

Are those Sonys “Made in Japan” ?
At what speed are you burning ?

Your using DVD+Rs , have you considered “bitsetting”
to change the ‘book-type’ to DVD-ROM ?
I do believe both drives allow “bitsetting”
I would recommend this even without present issue ,
but it may also help here .


lets start at the beginning
Firmware is all up to date
DVDS made in Japan
Book type is SET to DVD-ROM
the only thing I have NOT done is use the same for both reading and writing
burning at 4X
Thanks for your help, this is driving me nuts.

I first would be sure that you have the right kind of media, +R or -R. Some players play one type better than another. The other suggestion would be to slow down your burn speed, try burning at 4X.