Movie skips when watching but CloneDVD says succesful completion -help?

hey whats up

i need help

i have a laptop with an extrenal burner and use dvd decryptor and clone dvd to make movies.

i burn the movies at 1x, and they always come up as succesfully completed. BUT i started to watch a couple and some work fine, no skips or stops.

but about 75% have at least one skip and some have bad ones that do not allow the movie to play. my friends tell me it may be that i have a laptop and am using an external dvd rw drive.

any suggestions

The two most frequent causes of burn errors are poor quality media and improper burn speeds or both. For starters, you’re burning too slowly, but we’ll need specifics to help you out, burner model and the media code or MID. You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed to find the MID. It’s a free utility and very useful…just click on the highlighted name