Movie skipping from beginning to end and back

I am using the newest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Since upgrading, when ever I back up a movie it will start playing from the beginning. About 3-5 minutes it will jump to a scene in the middle/end of the movie and than back to the original spot. This will continue to happen through the rest of the movie and is very random. All DVD’s, old or new produce the same problem. Have tried DVD Decrypter/shrinkDVD with the same results. Have installed and un-installed software with no change. Have tried burning to hard drive first but when ever I burn it same results. This seems to be only since I upgraded the software…was using a version about a year old prior. I have disabled anti virus, slowed down burning speed to 1x with no change. I use Memorex 4x DVD-r and used this in the past without difficult. Running Windows XP with 1gb ram and 2.6 processor. Burner is a NEC DVD 2500A with firmware 1.07 (Upgraded to the DL firmware) Also, when I was using DVD Decrypter/AnyDVD combo…had the newest 6.6 Nero. Picture and sound are great except when skipping when I get a lot of pixilization as the scene changes.

Thanks in advance for any Ideas to fix this.

Try ripping to hard drive first & play using PowerDVD or similar from HD before burning.

Verify that your optical drive is running in DMA mode. I would also try other quality media like Taiyo Yuden.

Memorex have very fluctuating quality. It is very well possible, that Memorex discs all of a sudden can cause problems.

check your Memorex discs, if it is CMC then you have crap Memorex dvd don’t use it buy deffirent branch