Movie Runtime Question

I don’t know where else in the forum this could go but…

I’m trying to find out, what the longest single sided, dual layered PAL DVD is!

I’m aware that Titanic has a runtime of 189mins. But are there any longer movies?

Thanks for your help…

Seem to recall someone posting the same thing at doom9 some time ago, you might want to try and find it.

After plodding thru’ the entire thread. It would appear to be ‘Gone With The Wind’ at 224mins.

But does anybody know if ‘Cleopatra’ at 248mins is on one disc or two?

i dont know if im helping but…

Claopatra movie only is about 176 MIN

And the 248 Minutes edition is cleopatra “SE” 3DVD

(it doesnt show the images but just click on them)