Movie Ripping Speed on DVR 108?


i just have a Question to the 108.

How fast is the DVD Rip Speed of the Pio 108 ?

i know from my 106 right now it does have a limit at 2x0 Speed.

i m thinking to buy a 108 now as 2nd drive, but only if this drive doesnt have a Speed Limit.


the OEM 108 is limited to around 6x on a DL retail DVD, and the retail packaged 108 will rip at 12x speed.

Flash it to NIL’s 1.18 u can rip at 12x then

thanks !

already requested the LG 4163 cuz i couldnt get a 108 anymore, just got sold for 108 euros at ebay and didnt wanted 2 invest so much. its surely a good burner, when i see my pio 106 i dont doubt.