Movie restarts halfway through? Help

Hey all. I have an NEC 3520a (Liggy/Dee FW) and I have been using DVDShrink to make backups.

Sometimes when we are watching the movie (standalone DVD player) either halfway through or even later, the movie just jumps back to the beginning. You can just go back to the same place and just fast foward a little so it won’t happen again, but I just want to figure out why it’s happening.

I figure it’s due to cheap media? or burning at 16x on 8x rated media? This happen with anyone else?

There could be a few factors that can be causing this little jump.

  1. bad media
  2. dirty/damaged disc
  3. structure problem

“or burning at 16x on 8x rated media”

Most probably the reason of your problems, unless you use TYG02 discs. Overspeeding is done at your own risks… try burning your discs at their rated speed and see if the problem persists.

Could also be that your standalone is very picky.

Please mention the brand and model of your player, the brand and model of your discs…