Movie Problems

I have looked around for some information on this and I did not find any. I have been using DVDFab Platinum for some time now and didn’t have any problem until the new version. I have done many successful movies before until these two movies and I don’t know if the other ones that I have decrepyted are going to work either so I didn’t continue burning them. I am using dvd platinum/express mode version. The brand of disc that i have been using is Imation and they are DVD-R 8X.
The movie works on my laptop just fine. I only have problems when i put them into the dvd player that is hooked up to my tv or my ps2. The movie She’s The Man worked fine until like the 3rd or 4th chapter or so and then it went blank and poped up that it was write protected bla bla bla and then went to the title screen. Eight Below didn’t even make it that far. I clicked play and then it went straight to the title screen after the protection stuff. I am just wondering how to get them to play on the player again like the others did.

I’m having the exact same issue w/ some new titles. Even stranger I tried an old movie that previously burned fine and now has the chapter loop problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

After looking at some other posts it seems the problem is related to chapters being written in the wrong order. I can see much more of each movie if I play it on my computer than my DVD player but the issue seems the same. Is there anyway to rearrange the chapters once they are burned to a file?

compressed backups of newer titles in “complete disc” (i.e. menu’s, extras, ect) still seem to plague Fab express. This might be what is at work here for you. On other hand for most part “main movie” only backups seems to be fine. Although doubt responsible here, not sure about quality of the Imation media. Would recommend sticking with Taiyo Yuden or other known high quality media…amazing what issues poor blank media can cause, when one would likely suspect the rip/burn software! Also would recommend setting burn speed at “slowest”, although some other users feel that is not a factor in backup issues…

I tried Verbatim DVD+ and it does the same thing as the Imation ones. I just don’t understand why it would work on the computer but not on any of the players. And if I would have used DVDFab Gold would that have worked better?

Oh and another thing would it really help if I upgraded my firmware or not? Does it make a big difference? Between working or not?

Getting better media than imatation would be a good start. Just my opinion.

I know many of you do not confide in Imation, I myself have never had problems with it, though try to stick to Verbatim. But in this case, when replay is fine on computer and erroneous on standalone… well it is rather a burn than a rip problem. Do a burn with +RW to see.

I got Verbatim DVD+s and it did the same thing as before.

Stick to +RW and movie only for a while. With +R set booktype to DVD-ROM.

dioitbest, regards to the firmware question, yes, make sure you are at latest version for your brand. Often just updated for more brand media compatiblity, but you never know.
As far as Gold, a complete disc rip/burn will usually work okay, however will be split to two SL discs.

Is SL single layer then? If so are all movies duel layered DVDs then?
And if they are is there another program that will make it fit onto one single layer DVD?

SL is single layer, most (not all) DL(dual layer), usually due to the amount of “extras”, and/or length of movie. There are several like dvd shrink (around but no longer being developed) and clonedvd2 that compress dvd9 to dvd5 - can’t speak personally how effective with complete disc backup attempts. Any of course due the level of compression required will affect video quality to some degree.

Has anyone else successfully copied and played She’s the Man and/or Eight Below in a DVD player other than on a computer. Using the complete disc function of course. It seems to play from my hard-drive just fine, so it is just the burning portion of it. Is it possible that the burning engine doesn’t put the neccessary parts of the movie to work properly?

The difference is that software DVD players are cleverer than the software of the standalone player. So, they are sometimes able to rectify data inconsistency where the standalone fail. The burn process should not alter the content of the files.

Then how is there a way to fix my problem?

We all just have to accept that with recent copy protections copying full disk to a SL does not always work properly. But as I wrote above it is worth while trying the +RW at 4* to eliminate the possibility of write errors.

I use good taiyo Yuden 8x and the free DVDFabDecrypter with DVDShrink and I have never had a coaster. Try the upgraded free version of DVDFab and see if that works. Can’t hurt.

I wish the made a DL, but Tom (maineman) got me hooked on some TY 4X-R discs that cost about 25 cents each in a 200 lot delivered to my house. I have been copying main movie in WS or FS format with English sound and sub scripts with no problems. At that price, I sometimes burn one of each format. I was looking at some of my burn logs the other day and found they have been burning at 8X in my BenQ 1625 using the recommended speed in Express.


I like to create Complete Movies though but i guess I am going to have to go to the Main Movie format if they don’t work… Oh well like you guys said they keep coming up with new protection and there is only a few ways to beat them!