Movie plays ok but cant burn movie

Hi, I’ve been using anydvd and clonedvd2 to burn movies, sometimes when I burn a movie it will play fine in any dvd player but when I put it in the computer it acts like its a blank disc and wont play or burn, has any one else had this problem, it only does it once in a while more often lately, I been using different blank media sony, memorex and verbatom and it happened to all of then at one time or other, I been burning for a year now and this just started happening, Thanks for and feedback

Have you scanned any of your disks to check if they are being burned well ?
stand alone DVD players are a lot more forgiving than computer burners. Have you tried to view it ona pc with a DVD player rather than a burner ? Are you able to see if these disks can be viewed on a friend’s computer ?

Does this especially happen with the mentioned memorex media? If so, memorex is well known for their top quality, you know what i mean. Time to change the brand.

It might be the media you’re using. I’ve found that, at least in my situation, it seems to work best when I use HP DVD+R discs. Every time I use them, I seem to get perfect copies. If I use anything else, there is a slight chance that I might end up with a coaster. It took me weeks to figure this out. Either the program, or most likely, my dvd writer only wants to burn to a certain brand or type of blank discs. And DVD-R (of any brand) is the worst. I have a lot of DVD-R coasters.