Movie playing all weird

Some (but not all) of the DivX/XviD movies my girlfriend has look just fine on my computer, but all wrong in hers.
They are plain simple files with no weird encoding or any other peculiar stuff I can think of.
The colors are wrong and there are two vertical stripes that very definitely shouldn’t be there.

At first I thought it was a codec problem, but VLC and Mplayer behave in the same way, and since they use their own codecs this has to be some other problem.
I’m thinking a problem with the video drivers, but this is a laptop with an integrated video card, and the official drivers I’ve tried don’t solve the problem.
The card isn’t a nvidia/ati one either, so I can’t just get the newest appropriate reference drivers and use those.

It’s an Asus A2H/L, if the system properties are to be believed.
I have no idea what to do now. Any help?

Probably just the movies.

Not the movies.
As I said, they play just fine on my computer (and on two more I’ve tried).

It’s a well known problem with some of the integrated video card drivers, the drivers are very basic for very basic functions, and they were never designed for full on high end Multimedia use. You can try running Linux on the laptop or just live with it and don’t play DivX/XviD movies on the laptop.

Wait, are you telling me that there’s no known workaround?
Oh come on, there’s got to be a way!
It doesn’t do it with all movies, actually the ones that look weird are a minority, but I can’t believe all I can do is to live with it (or install linux, which my girlfriend would never get used to).

Thought it had the latest drivers, but it didn’t. Downloaded the latest and solved the problem.