Movie pirate dies rotting away in jail

Oh…I see…like most merkans you want your dollar each way…no such thing as a VIRTUALLY free press…it’s free or it aint…I guess in your world I must VIRTUALLY be a lesbian cos I like going the growl…I must VIRTUALLY be a politician cos I can sit around with my finger in my arse and my mind in neutral too…There are a lot of things we can VIRTUALLY be…FREE aint one of them…you are or you aint…hold on…them supplies are commin’… :X

You should step into reality. The world is not black & white. Virtually means that it is as closely free as it possibly can, in a real world. Not in your fantasies where everything is either-or. It is pointless and futile to settle for nothing but the absolute perfection. People operate, so you will never reach that. What is fruitful is to study, analyze and compare the present models and develop processes and functions through that learning process. I would have appreciated some reasoned conversation with you. Sweet dots though.

The thought of spending 3 years in jail with Michael Jackson is enough to give anyone a heart attack rip dude

The world is black and white my friend…it is the good and the bad, the light and dark, the yin and yang. It’s just that we live in the grey of it, the middle so to speak, because it’s easier, requires less explanation and effort. Virtually is a word used by people who never realise their dreams or goals… From my dictionary: Virtual adj. “that is so in essence or effect, although not formally or actually” that makes your virtual reality an oxymoron I know I’m virtually boring you with this shit so I’ll leggit… :X

Such a small-minded view of life will lead to problems. Then again, all alone in one’s own thoughts it is easy to think narrowly. Realizing the realities of life is not an obstacle for dreams. It is the first step in reaching your goal. You realize the facts and take advantage of your knowledge of them. You dont have to lower your goals and they can be unrealistic (yes), you just know the best route to reach them. You dont have to stop dreaming at any point. Believe me, I know. And the headline was…

and the headline was “Movie pirate dies rotting away in jail”… D’yer think you might have missed the point dunderklumpin???..:X

“Justice is Blind” “Only Money Win in this game”

“The world is black and white my friend…” Last time I opened my eyes, the world was in color.

He was probably a computer Nerd… us nerds can’t survive in jail… over stressed situations give us heartattacks