Movie piracy, the next big thing

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Even more piracy news today, Yahoo has an article about an upcoming problem for the American Entertainment Industry, sharing of movies.

While broadband connections are becoming more and more…

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The piracy itself isn’t their problem. Their problem is that my computer has better sound and image quality than my local theater. I can sit in a stuffy theater with crappy sound, dusty lenses, giggling schoolgirls, an ornery police/security asshole, $4 sodas, no smoking, lousy hours, and uncomfortable chairs. OR I can download the DivX and watch it THX certified at home in my underwear, while I smoke, toke, and eat pizza. And I can pause it if I have to piss. Gee… Lemme think on this one a while!

I cannot personally comment on the online movie sharing, but I have noticed a big rise in DVD copies being sold in local markets, almost to the point that it has overtaken the VHS and playstation / PC copies. Has it really become THAT easy to rip these things off?

I dont see this being a huge problem. People will still go to the cinema to see the movie, then but the DVD (unless it was shite). I love movies, and being into home cinema appreciate the DVD format for it’s superb picture and multi-channel sound. I can get DivX/VCD but mostly pass since I am not interested in watching movies in stereo on a 17" mon. I just make the odd exception if now and then (ie: LOTR SVCD, which is a damn good rip).:wink:

I download movies on divx or vcd, but if it’s really good, i buy it on dvd. If i didn’t have these movies on divx i wouldn’t buy them, because they are too expensive to buy if you don’t know them. So it can also work in the benefit of the movie industry.

Even if I have to admit that I still love my Laserdisc movies ( sounds better than DVD and this is a fact ) ; yes Divx is as revolutionary as Mp3 and I enjoy watching them on my pc more than going to a movie theatre . Wiccabilly I agree with you ! by the way… when are the first Twilight Movies compilation on dvd-r coming ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Divx is great if you have decent graphics card with TV out. Personaly, the my setup involves an ATI card hooked up to a VCR, then I run a coaxial cable to the other room to my TV. I’d say that in my case anyway Divx hasn’t hurt the MPAA’s Sales. I don’t rent many movies anymore, but if I really like a movie and the price isn’t rediculously high, I usually buy it on DVD. I’d argue that the Divx is actually a promotional sales tool, much like MP3’s increasing CD sales.

I do not think that movie downloading will grow to the proportion of mp3 downloading. As the article stated it is projected that by 2006 38% of U.S. houmes will have broadband internet connections.I download movies and buy DVDs and only go to the theater if the movie is really good. The downloading of first run movies will only become a problem when the actual pirated copies approach theater and DVD quality.

I think everyone has a really good point. DVD ripping wont take for ever fast unless the prices rocket up to $99 like games do. I think that the Movie Theatres are great for movies that have battle sceens, but for everything else, Id rather stay home, place an DVD (Original) into my PS2 and watch it on my 54" TV with surround sound. I will never copy a DVD movie unless I want to back up my original collection. :slight_smile:

I think a good point to make here is that ripping off movies currently in theaters is not really a problem. Telesynchs are nice to make you the first on the block with Lord of the Rings but quality is poor even on the best rips. DVD-rips are another story in terms of quality. Some are just plain awesome. I have a large collection of such rips. But I don’t think that counts as a loss of profit or sales for the MPAA. If I liked something enough to want the full quality of DVD, I don’t settle for DivX, I buy the DVD. For things I’d like to have handy but not enough to buy, DivX is the shit. But it’s no substitute for DVDs of your favorite movies. A Hard Day’s Night, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Fight Club DVDs can’t be beat. And for true fans the DVD extras can make all the difference. I wanted the extra features on a Hard Day’s Night even though the picture and sound quality on such an old film clearly don’t require the DVD format. Sadly, the movie industry has decided that rather than pay actors and directors for their role in thexe extras, they’d rather phase the whole idea out. This is monopoly thinking with an eerie similarity to the RIAA’s decision to phase out CD singles just as MP3 was making a big splash. These mega-monopolies are so complacent with their old tactics and bought-and-paid-for congressmen that they simply can’t see they’re slicing their own dicks off until they’re standing in a puddle of their own blood. Then it’s time for lawsuits and fingerpointing. Ah well, such is capitalism… I guess our only hope is persistent civil disobedience.

Many of you said that will still go to movies and I’ll go to movies too. But I’m so sick of those prizes they are asking just because in Finland where I live Finnkino is only company which has authority to bring new movies to theaters and 'cos they are making theaters pay for them, the theaters are have to add some number to the prize. The theater is fantastic, but I can’t afford going there often, and DVDs cost lot too, but still I buy DVD maybe once in month. And I get DivX movies too, then if I see that the movie is good, I may buy it on DVD. And I don’t think that it will be any worse from this… it’s not bad now (I don’t know but I think it isn’t) and I don’t think that it will effect so much to the sell of DVDs. Because there are people getting DivX movies, but there wil always be those who pay the full prize so the companies will get their money, but they are only pissed of 'cos they could get more, but then they would have to lower the prizes. and they won’t do that and that is why they say that piracy takes tehir money and don’t even realise that its because of their own stupidity…

I remember when VHS first came out and the movies industry worried then about copying movies. Making a DiVx or Super Video Disc is the same principle. Just better storage and quality. Although it generally takes 9 to 12 hours for me to convert DVD to SVCD. It’s well worth it. Then I can watch it when ever I want. I just got DSL and d/led one of the Divx’s online. It totally sucked. The quality was way worse then even a crappy vhs tape. When I encoded DVD to Divx I use the whole CD. I mean fill it to the brim and even overburn on a 900mb CDR. Then the quality is descent and comparable to SVCD encoding with Cinema Craft Encoder. But I just make copies for myself and so the kids can watch them on the computer that doubles as their TV. You know kids. If they can break it they will. And if the do it’s only a couple of blank CDR’s I lost and I’ll just burn another copy. :4

The movie industry probably will not have as much to worry about as the music industry, but they can definitely worry. The general idea I get from the people above is that they will spend the money on something they already have. That’s real nice, but very few people on this planet would do that. Another big thing I see is that people don’t want to watch movies on a computer monitor. You can easily burn movies to VCD and watch them on your DVD player or use a TV out video card and hook it up to your TV. As far as quality goes, it’s a matter of who ripped the files and how they are encoded. You can easily find DVD or very near DVD quality files to download. I have a little over 120 downloaded movies, and my days of paying to see films is over. One good point made however are movies that are still in theatres. Telesyncs (Camera in theatre with secondary audio source) are not good quality, true, but screeners are usually VHS or better, more than enough to keep me out of any theatre packed with children who can’t keep their mouths shut for more than 5 minutes. While the majority of people do not yet have the bandwidth or patience to sit thru a download of 1.4 GBs per DVD quality movie, I certainly am, and more people will too in time.

Think about it for a minute… in the future, probably sooner than we think, there will be truly fast internet connections, a common pool of files all can access at high speed, any movie or file that is shared could not be tracked easily because it may not come from one source, divx movies could increase in quality and be streamed. Who would need DVDs then. NO ONE. One would need only have a high bandwidth connection. Movie companies and music companies are way overdue in realizing this. There will be really only one way to make money from the average citizen, and I hate to say it… charge the ISP’s for content, then they will pass it on to the consumer. This wouldn’t be all bad… Any time I wanted to watch any movie or hear any song I merely do a quick search and click a link. I would be already paying my ISP so it would be legal. The problem is only that the internet is not yet ready for this,and DVD merchants and music vendors will not like to switch their business model. They see their ultimate demise in this and that terrifies them.

Information as commodity. What is an artist’s work worth? For that matter, what is the work of sound engineers, photographers, directors, producers, actors, and all the other people associated with the creation of a motion picture, worth? Much less now, apparently, with the advent of the DVD-rip and broadband filesharing. In some cases, for certain individuals whom would claim that they only have the pirated versions of these motion pictures because “it’s nice to have”, the value is absolute nil. I would like, as a blanket response to this, to propose a new 'net based rip-off service. One that allows us to take money out of the pockets of producers of other works less great than those of musicians and movie-folk. A service that allows us to beam accountancy services, construction work, foodservice, public works, etc. right into our own homes. Sure, the quality might not be 100% what the real work could produce, but hey, it’s just as good and it’s all free. Who cares if it’s just cost those workers thousands in lost wages, WE didn’t have to pay a cent! And if we’re really not happy with this sub-par work, we can always hire them to do the real thing for us (like that’ll EVER happen). Gotta put these things in perspective. Theft is theft. Anyone downloading any intellectual properties (even just for the purportedly innocent purspose of previewing for purchase) is stealing. I’m just gonna borrow your car for the next few months to decide if I really wanna buy one. Oh wait, your car’s just as good as a new one, a little beat-up, but hey, it’s free. I think I’ll keep it. Think about it.