Movie.part1.rar, movie.part2.rar etc

I’m new to this forum so I’d like to start by saying hello :slight_smile:

I have downloaded a movie file that’s been cut into parts and packed into separate arj archives but I don’t know how to combine them.

they are called

Each archive appears to have the same file in it i.e. “movie.avi” but when I tried extracting each one only the movie.avi in movie.part1.rar would play at all and was clearly not right.

I’ve tried renaming the archives to .rar .001 .002 etc. as if they are multiple parts of the same rar archive. Then I tried renaming the movie.avi files to movie.001, movie.002 etc and using hjsplit to join them. Neither of these things worked.

Does anyone have any idea how to combine these?
Thanks for any help.

Welcome to CDF’s:

Extract the part 2.rar and it should put both parts together. I use WinRAR. That’s always worked for me anyway.