Movie Only

I’m kind of new to this DVD writing stuff, so please forgive me if I’m being silly. I’m just wondering if I’m doing all this properly.

I’m using Nero Recode to backup a DVD Movie. For quality reasons, I only want to burn the movie, so I simply select “Remake a DVD” and then import “Title 1” which is the Main Movie. Nero Recode then produces the following files:


Is this correct? The reason for my concern is that the following VOB files are missing:


It’s my understanding that VIDEO_TS.VOB usually contains the FBI warning or some such information, and VTS_01_0.VOB contains the menu for Track 1. Is there any reason that that such a DVD would not be playable in some DVD players? I tried my two players and they seemed to work fine.

As for the FBI warning, well I’m certainly not going to miss that. However, because I’m missing a Menu for Title 1 and one of my players begins playing the movie automatically, I sometimes miss the beginning of the movie. Yeah, I know… I simply have to hit the stop button a couple of times to reset it, but it’s just a little annoying that it doesn’t wait for me to say START. It sure would be nice to have a very simple Menu, but I don’t think that Nero Recode can do that. Anybody know of a easy solution… other than hitting the stop button of course?


When you do a remake of a dvd it only creates the files needed for the main movie. All menues are lost.

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