Movie only starts by scene selection menu

Hi. First i’m sorry if the this post is in the wrong place and for the bad english too. I’m new to dvd copying and i’m having some trouble to backup some dvd titles like “Batman Begins” and “Closer”. I use ANYDVD or DvdFab Decrypter to remove all locks(including RCE stuff) and dvd shrink to compact and burn. When i put this titles on my standalone dvd player and try to start the movie by the main menu play/start command, the movie wont start and freezes my player, but if i try to starts the movie by the scene selection menu it works perfectly! So, anyone knows why this is happening? If someone can helps I’ll be glad.

A movie only copy has no menus at all hence the name.

I’m making FULL BACKUP, not just copying the main movie. Can anyone help , please?

I was unable to copy the DVD Batman Begins.

My work around was to copy the directory _VIDEO to my hard drive.

Then, I used DVD SHRINK to OPEN FILES, and burnt the DVD from the hard drive.

I also have ANYDVD running for decrypting DVDs, not sure if it is required or not, but ANYDVD and DVD SHRINK work great together.

And, as I said, if you copy the VIDEO files to the hard drive, I was able to successfully copy the DVD.

Hope this helps

No problem with Batman Begins R1 WS here with DVDD & Recode.

But I had a similar problem on another disc - it would only play via “scene select” and not the main play selection - otherwise it locked the unit up completely and had to be unplugged.

Turned out the cheapo ($25) Walmart dvd players I had would not play it. It played fine in my JVC player. I have since swapped my other 2 cheapos out for JVCs and have had ZERO further problems.