Movie Only Mode

I would like the AnyDVD ripper to have a Movie only mode that would allow you to chose the audio and subtitles you want and only rip the movie plus that information.

I think clonedvd can do this already.

Yes clone does this already. Anydvd is just a decrypter only.

DVDDecrypter is just a ripper and it does it. RipIt4Me is a ripper and it does it. Most of the time I backup my movies to Xvid or DivX so the Clonedvd is much more than I need.

how does dvd decryter do this? i wasn’t aware of that feature.

the anydvd ripper is a side-feature of anydvd and I don’t think it’s meant to be anything more than it is. I’d be VERY surprised if this were incorporated into anydvd. your best bet is to probably look into other alternatives.


IFO mode in DVD Decrypter will allow you to choose the specific titles and audio languages you want to rip. The default mode is FILE, so you’ll need to go to Mode > IFO in the menu.

First go to ‘Tools’ then scroll down to ‘Settings’ then tick ‘File Mode’ tab…on the ‘Select Files’ drop down menu you have your choice of “Main movie, Main movie + IFO’s or All”. :wink: