Movie only mode with menus?

I was wondering…is it possible to process a movie using movie only mode in DVD2One and then adding the menu/other non-movie files to the VIDEO_TS folder before burning with Toast? Wouldn’t this theoretically allow the menus to function even though the main movie is the only video track available?



No … it sounds feasible, but it wont work.

The reason why, is :

Dvd20ne creates new .ifo (INFO) files for your dvdr and, as these are for movie only, they will not include the information to navigate to menu (even if you add them afterwards).

If you want to try it, there are some good guides around, try dvdr help’s website. You will need some extra software, however and some patience. :wink:


Just noticed you are using Toast, so not sure what additional Mac software you would need for this.

It’s a possibility but a little difficult. I try to explain …
Fisrt we Compress and after we delete the bonus features.

A) for determinate the total of megs for DTOX

  1. Rip with DVDBackup

  2. Open the folder Video_ts

  3. Calculate the total Gigas of the Movie only (Normally all VTS_01.VOB)and

  4. Calculate the total Gigas of the Rest (all bonus, extras…)
    - Total of disc = 7 gigas
    - Movie + Menu = 5 gigas
    - Bonus = 2 gigas

  5. you must have at final a VIDEO_TS folder of 4472 megs(4.36 Giga / DVD size) with menu and Movie. Here is the calcul.

  6. The initial 5 gigas must be 4.36 after DTOX
    87% is the proportion
    87% of 7 giga (Total of disc) is 6.09 giga
    For security it’s better to increase a little this at 6 giga
    convert in Megs (6*1024) 6144 megs

B) Open DTOX make “Full Disk” and user rate at 6144
Chose language and Start.

 After that open the final VIDEO_TS and delete the Bonus/extra .VOB files

 Get info for VIDEO_TS folder and Normally you have a folder less than
 4.36 GB you can burn with Toast.

Note: for 2 hours of DTS sound you must count about 1GB and 400 MB for 5.1 Dolby D

Last but not least, it’s work fine : you have all menu but if you try to access bonus/extras the menu block and you must touch the “Menu Touch” of remote to come back.

Sorry for my english and i hope i help you or someone else.

Mac Maniac

And really what would be the point of keeping the menu where all the extras were ripped out? Just to hit play on a fancy Menu. Why bother? Give me that 500meg back to add to video quality.

Sorry, but i’ts rarely 500mb for menus. normally 100-150mb and it’s 2-3% of the total of DVD.

And, Yes i will keep the menu because i like to launch the film myself and i will the same inits at the original.