Movie only Instant copy

Anyone got any ideas how to do a movie only copy with instant copy. I have tried by ripping with dv decrypter then deselecting all extras whilst in instant copy, however when you play the disc and click on any of the menue items that i deleted my dvd player freezes.

where’s the problem? i think everything it’s alright: if you deselect extras, your player won’t find tem, so it will freeze.
if you do movie only rips, menus are useless.
if you want to keep them, i guess you have to manually fix them.

Do these menus have to stay then or can i get rid of them like in dvd2one

can’t be done with PIC I think.

you could set the size in DVD2One to something bigger then the movie and this way only let it remove the menu and other things you don’t want.
After that you can let PIC do the transcoding

I had a thread on this a few days back. What I did was rip JUST the movie in DVD Decryptor and then used IFOEdit to generate a new IFO file for it. Then I used IC on the new IFO file and it worked just fine. Hope this helps!

Is generating a new IFO all that you have to do?

I’m trying to get Instant Copy to do just the movie as well. Right now I’m stripping everything but the main movie with IFOedit, and then running the stripped vobs through IC…what do you mean by just making a new IFO?

That’s all I ended up doing. Rip the main movie PGC using your favorite ripping program. Use IFOEdit to generate a new IFO file for the vobs. Use the generated IFO with IC and you should be golden. It worked for me.

Let me clarify just in case you don’t quite understand what I mean. When you open IFOEdit, click on create IFO, select the vob file for your movie, and it’ll generate a new VIDEO_TS IFO file. Technically you should set the sound options for your audio tracks in the new generated IFO. There are guides on how this is done, but, it’s really easy. Just compare the generated IFO file to the original and make sure the audio track options match. Once you have the generated IFO file for the ripped VOBS, you open IC and select the newly created VIDEO_TS.IFO file. You shouldn’t have any problems at that point. Let me know if you have issues or if I need to clarify anything else.