Movie on DVD+R readable ona DVD-R system?



I’m looking to buy media for my new ND-3520A. I’ve been using a Pioneer A105 which is a DVD-R. I’m planning to put the 105 in another computer.

If I burn DVD videos ripped with DVDDecrypter on the new Nec using DVD+R media, will those videos be read in the Pioneer A105 which is a DVD-R only?

The +R media is much cheaper than -R media at the same speed and I’d much rather save the money by using +R if it’s videos will be read on the A105.




Normally drives can read both but might only be able to write one type (- in this case). So unless your drive is special and only reads one kind (which is stupid) then you should be alright just to read the data/music/videos


I have a Pioneer 104 and it won’t touch a +r disc. I can’t find the specs on the 105, but Nero Infotool, or Discinfo Pro should tell you if it will read a +r disc. Hope this helps.



you should be able to do this when you use bitsetting. This means that you set the booktype of your DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Your Pioneer will think that a pressed DVD is inserted. The Problem is that NEC does not support bitsetting so you will have to flash your drive with a modified firmware.

Check out our NEC Forum for more information.


Thank you for that information. I just flashed the modified firmware. I appreciate the helpful reply.