Movie not playing on ps2

i used dvd decrypter to rip a movie
the using dvd shrink i shrunk so it would fit onto dvd-r recordable media and got rid of the menus.
i used nero 6 in “burn dvd-video” method to burn it on recordable media that i have never had problem’s with on my ps2 and my backup games paly fine on these media.
trying the movie on the ps2 it wouldn’t work while on all pc’s and standalone dvd players that i’ve tried it works.
the ps2 just won’t see the disc even exists
by the way the movie is in PAL format as the ps2
region 2 as the ps2 burnt on dvd-r media and the ps2 is of the SCPH-39004 series with a Messiah 2 modchip bought about 4 months ago.

i would appreciate any help on this matter.

Try using Nero in UDF/ISO mode rather than DVD-Video mode. The UDF/ISO mode is far more compatable to players. The ps2 also tend to prefer -R dvd’s as well.