Movie Mask - DVD censor software

I just posted the article Movie Mask - DVD censor software.

If found this on the Dutch website There is some new software called MovieMask that hides things in scenes that are not suitable to show childeren.

With their director software…

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Well, my 9-year old cousin watches Playboy/Spice so I think that this technology came a bit too late…

Well, at least this program gives you something to choose. Maybe if someone would develop a similar feature for audio-cd’s publishers would no longer feel the need to shove all these “clean versions” down our throats!

Yet more evidence that society has no idea what is damaging material. Soft porn, some swearing or sanitised violence have little or no effect on todays children. More sophisticated perteubing material is what might damage people, take ‘Dead Man Walking’ for example. A little prissy anyhow, no? Which kid is going to want to watch a film with the ‘juicy bits’ cut out?

And here I thought that the arts are supposed to be a reflection of real life. How much of real life is anyone seeing by removing anything that is a bit unpleasant? Wish life could so simple as well hey…