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Is there any Free Software out there that works like Windows Movie Maker?The problem with Movie Maker is when you make a cd, it is burned to HighMat format & my players won’t play it.


There is a free video editing program called AviDemux. It is not very similar to WMM however, and you’ll have to know how to adjust the various settings for yourself, rather than have the program do it.

What format do you want the output to be in? AviDemux won’t produce a finished dvd-video. You’d need an authoring program to go with it after editing your footage. It will produce xvid avi that many dvd players can use these days, or mpeg2 that can be used in a dvd authoring program.

Which version of Windows Movie Maker have you been using? They differ quite a lot depending on the operating system.


I don’t know which version. Both of my computers are about 5-7 years old. Is there a software program that you can buy that would work like Movie Maker?


I suspect you are using Windows XP then. Yes, there are many software programs that can be purchased for this type of thing. This one has had some good reviews lately.

All of these should have trials to let you test the programs and see if you like them.


My Bad. XP home edition 32 bit. I thought you meant movie maker.


I was told on here to try DVD Flick to convert it.


Movie Maker has several different versions that are not quite the same depending on which operating system you are using. Though I believe the stand alone version 2.6 can be used in both Vista and Win7.

DVDFlick will convert various types of video into dvd-video, ready to burn to a disk and play in any stand alone player. It has no editing functions however, so if you need to cut sections, or make transitions, it will not do those.

If all you want is a conversion program that works like DVDFlick, I actually prefer AVStoDVD. It can use the HC mpeg2 encoder and produces superior results. AVStoDVD has no editing abilities however.

Both DVDFlick and AVStoDVD are free to download and use.


Where can I find AVS? Do you know if windows has a different version of movie maker they will let you download?


No, I don’t know if WMM 2.6 will work in XP…the download is here:


I did some reading. 2.6 is for Vista!