Movie Maker: Saving File to burn DVD

After figuring out how to convert a .MOD file to a recognizable file for Window’s Movie Maker (I downloaded converter software from AVS4YOU), the newly converted .AVI file is a 46 minute video of a water polo game. When I go to save it to a file my computer is telling me it is going to take around 4 hours! How come when you buy these Panasonic Camcorders, they don’t tell you what a pain in the butt it is to make a simple DVD?!

From what I remember you should be able to just rename the .mod file to .mpeg. How are you transferring the video to your PC? I don’t know of any reason it should take 4 hours.

I downloaded conversion software because when I changed the file extension name the video was distorted. I was able to edit the video files in movie maker after converting them from .MOD to .AVI. Now the problem I am having is when I save file to computer (the entire movie file) the save movie wizard appears to be saving the file but it says 230 minutes remaining.

Is the distortion just the aspect ratio? If so, you can use;topic=280.0;id=153, to change it and output the file as mpg. I still don’t know why your program would take so long unless it’s doing some re-encoding. I’ve never used AVS4YOU

My bad! It’s the output from WMM that’s taking so long yes? Did you select DV-AVI or WMV as the ouput?