Movie maker and NERO always freezing

Hello. I use a lap top and have down loaded some recordings. I have tried to edit them using my Nero9 program and my Movie Maker program. Both freeze up the min I start to split my film. I havent been able to do any editing on either program because of the freezing up and it stops responding. I do not understand if I need to change a setting. I also was told having Norton Anti-virus can make some progams not function right. Also I notice my film with play fine one min then I go to try and play it again and it will only play frame by frame. Does anybody know what Im to do? Is there a setting I should be on? I thinking of loading another program but I dont want to over load my laptops memory.
PLEASE HELP!!! I really neeed to make a hoop DVD !! : )

laptops aren’t really recommended for video editing… What are the specs for your laptop (cpu, how much memory). Have you tried booting into safe mode, and then see if your editing software will work.

Even under the best of circumstances, you won’t get optimal results with ANY laptop. Most software manufacturers of editing software, recommend a quality desktop system with lots of memory, and no less than 2 hard drives. One hard drive for software, and one for video files or data.

Yes you CAN get it to work on some laptops, if that is all you have available. But only with all non-essential stuff shut down while you do your video.

Also, depending on the file type(s), you may need to try a different tool.