Movie maker and convertxtodvd combination any good for making DVD's

I was curious if any one would like to give their opinion on what works best for making dvd’s from still jpg’s…I am new to this and would like some different angels.

(Shome mishtake shurely…? Ed)

Your question could mean either how to make a movie out of single frames, or how to store JPEG pictures on a DVD for playback.

If the latter, you should check out Ulead’s products. The older versions of DVD Movie Factory used to support JPEGs on DVD, but now I think they have a separate dedicated application.

I had a customer come into my shop recently and ask that I take her old photos and make a slide show. We hit a few slow weeks in the summer as far as computer repair and web work so I took the job on using moviemaker and I bought convertxtodvd. After saving the finished moviemaker project I saved the file in a different format then a previous time, I forget exactly how I saved it but it worked convertxtodvd made the conversion and burned my DVD and it turned out great.
The problems that I ran into was the wmv file was first corrupted and moviemaker continued to freeze and work slow. My question or point to this is whats the best software to use. I would like to continue making dvds but I am looking for the best professional software. My boss says pinnacle is great buts its like 800.00 dollars. Is there something out there that can take moviemakers place that I could download that does a better job?
DVD MovieFactory 5 by ulead this is the product that I should go for?

To make slideshow DVDs you would probably be better off with Ulead’s more specific software CD & DVD PictureShow. They usually have trial versions so you could see for yourself.

I guess you could use DVD MovieFactory 5 since I think you can import still JPEGs, but this software is really for editing and authoring motion video and perhaps not quite as flexible. There’ll be a free trial download of that too so perhaps you could compare them.

you could try out dvdlab-pro :slight_smile:

also use good media… you dont want angry customers coming back because their dvd’s are jumpy/unreadable

Yes; excellent point about media, haveacigar. If the WMV file was on a bad DVD then that might explain the slow jumpy playback.