Movie Jack 3 Probs

Hi guys, new to all this so need some help.
When I use MJ3 it says that it can’t find a DVD drive or a CDRW drive but I have both.
I’ve updated to the the latest aspi drivers and tried re-installing the unidrivers that come with MJ3 but it makes no difference.
I’m able to capture to the hard drive but it won’t let me burn to disc. I’m running xp home should this be a problem?
It’s driving me crazy so pls help guys…:rolleyes:


what drives do you have?


Please send an email to with as much detail as you can provide. Are these drives usual internal ones or external?

They are both normal internal drives and work fine with any other software. Both Lite On drives, the model number for the burner is LTR 40125s and the dvd is 16x.

Hmm, odd enough. What other cd-related software do you have installed? I can’t see any particular problem with your setup, odd.
Can you download the batchtools and run scanbus from the package? Do you get all your drives listed? (
If not, how are these connected to your system? Onboard ide ports? Extra ide card? onboard extra IDE controller?

Ended up being the nvidia ide drivers. Changed back to the windows ones and it worked a treat. Thanks for your help guys!!:smiley:

Sorry that I didn’t think of that first. I’ve heard about a lot of people having such problems with the old beta IDE drivers from the drivers cd shipped with their nforce 2 mainboards. Download latest unified drivers from the nvidia website, remove the old drivers, install new ones, everything’s fine again :slight_smile:

mj3.08.010 problems:
cant rip for example Shrek and other movies get mpeg decoder error in twenty second doesnt offer error report, need to use ctrl+alt +del to get out
always sound problem.
downloaded three times, same problems

Have you tried installing the latest windows media codecs. Your current codecs may be currupt or missing.

I use win media player 9.
I got all the updates installed, but I did install the codec for you just now.
No changes.
Anyway, what does it have to do with the mj3 ripping?

Only the NTSC reg1 discs have problem with mj3?:confused:
The others look OK.

As far as I know there’ll be an update soon. That will fix errors by ripping NTSC-DVDs.
Take a look at:

still not able to rip my ntsc dvds even with mj 3.08.012.
starting to give up faith…

downloading now
hope it helps

Just wondering if anyone besides my self has this problem.

I saw and just downloaded the latest version, i.e., V3.08.017
I downloaded the full and not just the patch.

I was running 012 which I uninstalled. I then ran the installer for new version. It came up and allowed me to select ‘english’ for the language but then when the install wizard came up it was in what looks like spanish. I was able to continue and once installed I checked the program and sure enough everything was in spanish.

How can I fix this so it is in ‘english’



I just checked that and it seems as if the language tables are mixed up. I beg everybody’s pardon, a new version will be uploaded on monday.