Movie Jack 2 vcd - Could somebody please help me

Please could somebody help me?
I have been out and bought the Movie Jack 2 vcd ripper, i have installed it and entered the registration code but when it comes to using it it will only bring up 1 file from a Buffy disk which has 4 episodes on it plus extras. The only file it will rip is an episode with commenty. Also i’m not getting the extra features your supposed to get upon registering it, svcd, avi ect… I hope that there is somebody out there who could possibly help me…Please.
By the way it’s version 2.07.002

There will be a big update for all MovieJack 2 flavors very soon. Among a ton of bugfixes, there are also improved selection options to avoid problems like you mentioned with multi-episode DVDs.

Thanks for that info, hopefully ‘soon’ is not too far away.

ETA is somwhen next week. :slight_smile:

Where can i find these updates??? 'Cos i can’t find them anywhere.

You can get downloads from: