Movie jack 2 help serial number




i just bought a copy of movie jack 2 but cant seen to get it registered. i enter the serial number but it doesnt seem to recognise it.

Do i just enter the number as one long one or enter it as per the layout ie with the ‘-’ in between.

Can anyone with this software advise please?



You already know the answer…


Originally posted by Stoner
You already know the answer…

Seriously I dont!!!


If you have purchased a serial for this software and it doesnt work out for you for some reason, i would suggest posting a question in MovieJacks official forum, which we happen to host as you have already figured out since you have posted your question there too.

Crossposting is not allowed in this forum btw so this thread will close. Besides you will most certainly get a better answer from MJ devellopers in the MJ forum.