Movie is upside down

I’ve been trying to encode some AVIs into a VCD using Nero, but everytime it finishes encoding the whole movie is upside down. I had to download DivX 5.0.1 in order to play the file on Windows media player. Can anyone help me on how I can invert the picture back to normal?

are they upside down afther you burned them, or while encoding??

You could give TMPGenc a try to make a vcd compatible mpeg, and then only use NERO for the burning.

NEro doesn’t have a very good encoder/decoder itself

Turn your Monitor Upside Down. :bigsmile:

hahah good suggestion vishtaspa!

or you could get a harness and hang your self off the ceiling!

…seriously though there should be a better solution than that. I have used a program before which was able to turn the image around, but can’t remember what sorry…:confused:

is it a divx movie?? try to install other codecs for it

i’m assuming it is because i had DivX codec 3 installed when I downloaded the movie and Windows medi player wouldn’t play it. Then I installed the Nimo 5.0 build 8 codec pack to make the AVI playable on Windows media player. I read the red me file and said that i should install the Bicubic Resizer if I had and problems with the vide being upside down after encoding but it hasn’t worked so far.

i was thinking of turing my tv upside down until i rememberd that it’ll give me a back spasm everytime i turn that thing upside down

the movie is right side up before encoding and only upside down after it’s been encoded.

This thread will help explain why:

i tried using TMPGEnc and it encoded the video rightside up but without sound. i found it to be pretty funny. Am I supposed to use the same file that as i use for my video source as my audio source? I would assume so, but when i try it says my audio source file can not be opened or is unsupprted

Here are a few tips for the nimo codec pack

There is an INCOMPATIBILITY with the “TFM Audio Filter v1.0 beta 7” and the Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher 0.95, DO NOT Install them together, chose one of them only if needed

Do not chose the G400 Filter if you do not have G400 graphic cards

Do not install the Bicubic Resizer Filter if you have any problem about video upside-down.

Basically dont install these 4 codecs. If it’s too late as in your case uninstall and replace…best way i’ve found is to select full install and just uncheck these 4 codecs

And a link if you need a fresh copy
nimo codec

I know i didn’t install the first three filters, but I misread the last and thought I had to install the Bicubic resize filter if i had image upside down problems. anyway, thanks for the info.