Movie is 4.72 after DVD2One is complete, HELP


I know this was in the forum before and I’ve looked all it and can’t find the thread. I only glanced at it earlier but now I have the same problem.

I ripped braveheart and ran DVD2One 1.1.1 in movie only mode and select 4.62 for file size. I have CopyToDVD installed and it said the movies is to large to fit on the disk, that the movie’s file size is 4.72.

Can anyone let me know what to do?



you cannot select 4.62 as file size as a dvd-r only holds 4478mb max - rerun the dvd2one rip and set filesize to 4478 instead.

Even at 4472 on a very few dvd’s copy2dvd gives too big to make, i’m using version(DVD2one 1.12) which seems to be the culprit.

ReneB recommends 4444mb

Yups i sure do :slight_smile:

Works like a charm even on the more crappy media (read, cheaper on dye media, so the dye isn’t nicely spreaded to all corners)