Movie is 1:53min, but CloneDVD says 2:32

Have backed up Ray, but I noticed the movie cover says playtime is approx 1:53. I also checked sites that sell the movie and they say the same.
In CloneDVD, I see 2 tracks at 2:32
Selected the first one, and seems fine, but my playtime is 2:32… on the backup. what’s up here?
Sure it works fine, but before the backup, my quality is only 63%. If it reported the movie correctly at 1:53, I’m sure quality would be much higher as it has been in the past.

There are two versions of the movie on the one disk the theatrical release and then the other which interjects extended scenes the additional minutes are the extended scenes.

if you want better quality then rip ust the theatrical release and not the extended scenes.

Here is your answer:
“Original theatrical version and extended version of film with 14 deleted scenes not shown in theaters”

That it why it looks l;ike 2 tracks.

On the back cover does it not say “approx 153 mins” which is 2h 33m approx (2h 32m) like clonedvd says ?

On the back cover does it not say “approx 153 mins” which is 2h 33m approx (2h 32m) like clonedvd says ?

looks llike there is someone who didint sleep thru math class. :bigsmile:

The movie “Ray” is really quite good.
However, playing the version with the extended and cut scenes inserted makes for a less than satisfactory viewing experience, in my opinion.
The extended and added scenes are not in the same quality as the movie. One of the scenes actually has more than one version, so it plays over and over in the middle of the movie. And the dynamic branching on the original dvd is truly pitiful, causing frequent delays and pauses.
All these extended and deleted scenes are included with the extras on the 2nd dvd in the package. I would recommend sticking with viewing the theatrical release of the movie on the dvd, and watching the alternate/deleted scenes via the “extras” if interested.